Art Is My Therapy...

I love to create, I enjoy working with different mediums, particularly oil and acrylic paints. Painting is one of my favorite ways to create and something I am very passionate about. It allows me to get lost in my own world. My art comes from my imagination and perspective. Many things inspire my art such as nature, water, music, life, the female body just to name a few. I do not limit myself to canvas paintings, I will create art anywhere, out of anything and on any surface including the body. I find the female body to be such a beautiful work of art as you will notice that I often paint women. I feel that women especially should be free to express themselves however they feel. I love to inspire others to feel unrestricted and do whatever it is that they are passionate about. As a creator I feel the need to be open, free to create and to feel. The story of how my journey all became stems from a deep place, please allow me to share some of my art with you…

Art Show 2018

My Story
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